Contary to Sauna, which is hot and dry, Steam room is a lot more humid. However, the purpose of using them is the same, which are mainly for relaxation and to enhance good health. While temperature inside Sauna is usually set around 70-100 degree Celsius, Steam room requires only 40-50 degree Celsius, with high humidity of around 100%.

Like Sauna, we supply both room and steam generator. Customers can also choose to build their own room and purchase only Steam generator from us.

Steam Room
Locally made ‘arvica’ Fibreglass Steam cabin has standard Cream color. Other special colors are available with additional cost. This pre-fabricated steam cabin has beautiful interior styling with comfortable seat contoured to match with the shape and size of the room. Behind Fiberglass walls, we also install 2″ mineral wool heat insulation to prevent any heat loss. Domed ceiling will reduce the the chance of water dropping down. Steam room door is made of clear tempered safety glass, installed with natural-anodized aluminum profile door frame. The door may be hung for right or left-hand opening. The only item we do not supply is the room floor, which needs to be build by the owner.

Customers can choose to build their own entire room or purchase only some parts, which are walls, ceiling ( smooth or dome ), benches or seat, and tempered safety glass door, from us.

Some reference projects