Evac is a global company that designs, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly water, waste and wastewater collection and treatment systems for the shipbuilding, offshore and construction industries. Skilled personnel, professional design and high-quality technical solutions have facilitated continuous growth, both in market share and turnover.

Evac companies and representatives in more than 40 countries are responsible for the marine and building business worldwide. Evac companies have certified ISO 9001:2008 quality and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.

The Evac wastewater handling solution is a closed and integrated system which consists of vacuum toilets, vacuum interface units, vacuum piping, vacuum collection tanks and wastewater treatment plants. The solution is based on vacuum, not gravity, which makes it possible to flush the waste horizontally or even vertically into overhead piping and, if needed, also around obstacles.

The Evac solution is environmentally friendly. With low water use – up to 80 % less than used in traditional toilets – it reduces sewage volumes and thus meets the requirement of small environmental footprint. The water coming from the Evac advanced wastewater treatment plant is pure enough to be used for irrigation or toilet flushing.

EVAC designs and markets integrated waste management system that provide innovative engineering, high product quality, and superior customer service. They strive to meet customers’ unique construction and environmental requirement. Their equipment including vacuum toilet system, sewage treatment plant, vacuum food waste system, freshwater system, and many more. Their products can be used in workboat, cargo, yatch, navy, offshore, and even to cruise.

Because of their versatility and low water use the Evac applications can be implemented in numerous areas:


Railway stations, airports, prisons, schools and universities, medical care buildings etc., where the use of toilet and sanitary facilities is very heavy (heavy duty applications)
Other public buildings, such as historic buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, prisons etc. Read more from special building references

The Evac solution minimizes the use of fresh water for toilet flushes. At the same time it offers you ultimate freedom of piping design. Additionally, the reuse of wastewater contributes to a smaller water footprint at your building.

The Evac vacuum toilet uses only 1,2 liters per flush as opposed to 6 -7 liters for the conventional toilet. This means dramatic reduction in water consumption, savings in water rates and also reduction in the amount of sewage produced. The Evac solution also makes it possible to recycle wastewater to be used as toilet flush or irrigation water.

During each flush the Evac solution takes out up to 100 liters of air. This removes viruses, bacteria and odors from the bowl and simultaneously enhances hygiene and personal comfort in the sanitary facilities. Each Evac solution forms a closed loop. This is particularly important in certain organizations, e.g. hospitals, research facilities and prisons, where the waste must be contained or is considered high-risk.

The Evac solution offers numerous benefits for building designers, contractors and associated professionals as well as building owners and managers. The most important benefits for building owners, buildings and supermarkets are as follows:

Benefits for building owners:
less water required (only 1.2 liters per flush) – savings in water costs
less need for fresh water production and water treatment and storage
increased planning options
increased hygiene and better air movement in sanitary facilities
no need for piping ventilation

Benefits for buildings designers:
increased design flexibility
no requirement for soil stacks or vents
pipes can be routed over and around obstacles
manufactured to European Standard ISO 9001, with BBA & WRC approvals
enables designers to earn LEED points for new building

Benefits for supermarkets:
flexible design
easy adjustment of future store plans
short construction schedules with minimum customer disruption
no concrete and tile work when relocating or adding display cases
lower costs compared to under slab gravity waste piping
no blocked drains and odors from under slab waste piping
quick and easy last minute floor plan adjustments
safe, reliable and easily maintained waste collection system