High-Pressured Laminate “Admira”

With more than 40 years of experience in interior furnishings; mainly in high-pressured laminates, Admira dedicate themelves to sourcing the trendiest designs and, provide high quality laminated surfaces to the architectural, interior design and furniture sectors. Admira’s collection of laminates creatively satisfies aesthetics, durability and functionality for any type of space, theme, idea and application.

With a designer-focused mindset, Admira’s designs are curated to meet ever-changing market desires and requirements. Their durable products are environmentally friendly, fire-rating certified and, resistant to stain and scratches. In addition, Admira offers a unique range of laminates with enhanced benefits such as fingerprint resistance, chemical resistance and anti-bacterial property.

Admira runs at the forefront of technology by developing Asia’s first colourable laminate – Bespoke. It serves as a canvas for creation and imagination, inspiring customers to continually interact with Admira’s laminates.

Customers, be it commercial or residential, will discover that Admira’s laminate designs enable you to forge lasting impressions anywhere.

Some reference projects