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ADR Acoustic Panel is a new range of perforated , grooved, and slotted timber ceiling and wall panels. It comes in various range of decorative patterns and surfaces, such as laminate, lacquers, veneers, paints, and etc. The unique concealed joining system allows a continuous and beautiful look to public interiors.

The main purpose of the product is to maximize sound absorption quality and minimize reverberation in buildings. However, many interior designers also choose to use our Acoustic Panel as a decorative material.

Features :

  • Fire Rated Class A (ASTME84); Low Formaldehyde ( E1 Grade ).
  • Huge range of surface finishes, colors, and hole patterns.
  • NRC=0.75, Good sound absorption and reverberation control in public buildings.
  • High impact and durability. Suitable for Sport centers and workshops.
  • Black Soundtex acoustic felt backing.
  • “Invisible” joint system, concealed fixing system.

Some of our References :

  • PTT LNG Industrial Estate (Rayong)
  • Shanghai Minhang Administration Center
  • Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court
  • Shanghai Achieves Museum