BIZPOD is designed to secure user’s business discussion and any activities that require professional concentration and/or privacy. External noise can hardly penetrate through acoustic laminated glass and damped partitions of the pod. Internal sound also cannot leak out. Echo noise occurring inside BIZPOD is reduced by felt-like acoustic sheets that results in clear conversation and sound. Four sizes of pods and 10+ shell color swatches are available for your meticulous selection.
Key Features

Silent ventilation fan : Bring in cool fresh air and expel in-room carbon dioxide gas and odor without negotiating sound proof performance.

Passive Infrared switch : Automatically turn on and off cabin lights for energy saving and ease of use.

Power receptacles : Built-in USB charger(s) and receptacles sufficient for every activity purpose.

Noise reduction : Laminated glass and damped partitions promote STC 35 sound-proof conditions.

Moisture-proof materials : All materials are moisture-proof so as to provide long-lasting durability.

Bespoke shell decorations : Over 10+ color and grain swatches available for customizing the exterior shell appearance to best match overall interior design.

Demountable platform : Knock-down system allows BIZPOD to be assembled anywhere and relocated to other desired places.

Adjustable feet : No matter how uneven the floor is, BIZPOD can situate firmly and in level.

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